Article by Marvin Hubeman

November 23, 2010

Context is everything – In contracts clarity is key
Appearing in purchasingb2b OCTOBER 2010
By Marvin Huberman

Marvin huberman B2B Article – October 2010


Click to hear the interview: When a deal is not a deal

To read the article by Marvin J. Huberman, “When a deal is not a deal” – Purchasing B2B, Supply Chain Management News & Trends for Buyers, September 2010, p.14 click HERE.

Transportation Law News

November 4, 2010

Reported in the New York Times the latest round of funding for high-speed rail funding in the US.

Above that a Department of Transportation spokesperson said the administration is asking Congress for $50 billion for infrastructure ahead of reauthorizing the transportation law in 2011. The infrastructure proposal includes cash for high-speed rail, with an eye toward shifting long-term funding to alternatives to highways.

Obama’s had previously stated that his goal is to move the nation away from petroleum use and encourage cleaner forms of transportation.